Our Approach

We approach advisory from POV of experienced C level execs and operators in data science/analytics and first-party data/machine learning products. As such, we take a data-driven analytic based approach to our work. Importantly, we provide objectivity and deep understanding of your current state to create the roadmaps needed for you to grow a customer data-led business.

  • Driving Growth – We are expert technologists who have built our own products and lead fast growth companies that were driven by data and analytics.
  • Informed Decision-making – We have a full objective grasp of the vendorscape across marketing and advertising technology that will help you make the right decisions relating to buy, build and partner solutions.
  • Access To Expertise – Working with Arkle provides access to an extensive collective of C-level, SVP & VP level operators, engineers, marketers and scientists to rally around the needs of your business and help you drive decision making and present you with new opportunities.


  • Helping internal champions gain consensus across the organization to bring modern technologies and practices on-board by quantifying advantages to leadership of being a customer data led business.
  • Providing expertise and counsel using an analytics based approach to match the way your business operates and its technical/analytic proficiencies and weaknesses with the right technology.
  • Releasing cycles to your org by serving as interim Product and Change Managers to help get the technologies stood up quickly and correctly.
  • Acquiring data, analytics and marketing talent and advising on org structures to best leverage unified customer data.

Your Questions

  • Do we really need this new marketing technology?
  • Which vendors best match our business state and needs?
  • How do we get the value from our people, process and technology?
  • Where are we compared to others and what should we do?

Arkle provides the answers to these questions with clarity and objectivity based on understanding your business, your tech, your team, the marketplace, the competition and most of all the needs of your customers.