Our leadership has built, installed and used first-party data infused technology to successfully transform brands and businesses. It is our own experiences that provide the best odds for success to transform your business into a customer data-driven platform.

Peter Callahan

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Peter has over twenty years of experience bringing transformative technology and strategies to major brands. His focus has singularly been delivering competitive advantage, innovation and incremental revenue through customer acquisition and retention. He founded Arkle Partners in 2015 with the belief that experienced operators who have successfully transformed businesses using data and building technology are the only outside agents for change that can truly be successful.

Mohan Namboodiri

Partner, Data Science & Analytics
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Mohan has been involved professionally in analytics and measurement for over 25 years with leadership experience in both Services and Client side. Throughout his career his focus has been on Multi-Channel marketing and leading the construction of teams that drive business goals through the use of customer data.

Jonathan Mendez

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Jonathan has twenty years of experience as an analytic and data-driven entrepreneur and business leader. Throughout his career he has successfully led ideation and product development of technology that delivers relevance to consumers, high-value outcomes to brands and revenue from media.